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Indulge in an atmosphere of total luxury and relaxation in our beautiful spa center.



Our soothing facials start with a skin evaluation to ensure the perfect treatment for your specific skin needs. An upgrade follows with an application of self-heating mud to the spine to eliminate all traces of fatigue and stress.


Foot Reflexology

This treatment helps stimulate the normal function of organ involved, can help with relieving stress and tension emotional healing, increasing blood circulation and aiding in the removal of toxic wastes.


Hot Stone Massage

An application of deep, penetrating heat using smooth, heated basalt river stones with massage strokes, the heat from the stones works it’s way into tired and stressed muscles, creating deep relaxation. This massage produces a unique balance of energy and a feeling of well being


Escape Couple Massage

Share any of our massages side-by-side in our calming couples room. A relaxy experience to enjoy with your partner or friend.


Indian Head Massage

This head neck and face massage stimulates key reflex points to increase circulation and rebalance energy flow with the nourish oil is the best way to relax your body and mind.


Chair Massage

In a hurry and want quick fix the muscle pain and chronic tension, this 30 minutes and 45 minutes chair massage is all you need it.


Healing Garden Mani

Detail driven with all the essentials: soaking , filling, buffing, trimming, massage and polishing for your favorite nail lacquer.


Healing Garden Pedi

Our one of kind pedicure delivering all the essentials:soaking, filling, callus care, trimming, healing garden signature foot massage and polishing for your favorite nail lacquer.


Gentlmen Classic Manicure and Pedicure

Our classic treatment for him clean cuticles and nail and buff away dry skin. Sooth his hands or feet with nourish treatment cream. Quick and easy for a well maintained look.



Reiki is a relaxing, gentle hands on treatment where the practitioner facilitates the flow of universal life force energy to the client, encouraging physical and emotional well being. Done through the clothing.


Reiki Massage

Full body massage followed by 30 minutes of beautiful, meditative Reiki.


Meridian Reset

Meridians are energy pathways that run through the body and correlate with the various organs, tissues and systems. It is along these lines that the acupuncture points are located. In this light touch treatment the meridians are flushed of stagnant energies and retraced, supporting the body in optimal functioning. You may leave your clothes on for this treatment.


Energy Centre Balancing

Known in the east as chakras, these electro-magnetic centres are located throughout the body. They govern the physical and emotional faculties, and when imbalanced greatly affect our ability to be present and move forward in our lives. This is a hands on treatment done through the clothing.

Facials – Phytomer
Hydra Blue
Plumping Moisturizing Treatment
City Life
Anti-pollution skin freshness treatment
White Lumination
Brightening radiance treatment
Extended Youth
To prevent and to treat the effects of aging process
Facials – Guinot
Hydradermie Youth Treatment
Visibly rejuvinates the skin by stimulating cellular activity
Hydradermie Lift Treatment
Visibly rejuvinates facial features by increasing muscle tone
Eye Logic Treatment
Visibly rejuvenates the eye contour by targeting wrinkles puffiness and dark circles